Multi temperature-humidity sensing with an Arduino Nano – TFT display: sketch updated

by Floris Wouterlood —January 3, 2020 —Summary– Some time ago I constructed a desk display centered around an Arduino Nano and equipped with a 3.5″ 320×480 pixel color TFT display. The screen of this station shows temperatures measured by seven Dallas DS18B20 sensors and relative humidity averaged from values reported by two DHT11 sensors. This […]

Connecting a 240×240 TFT display with ST7789 controller with a NodeMCU ESP8266 or an Arduino Nano

by Floris Wouterlood — December 24, 2019 — Summary – Newcomers in the Arduino realm consist of small form factor, high dot pitch, full color LCD TFT displays. Compared with monochrome LCDs and with small OLED displays one advantage of these full color TFT displays is that their color palette is enormous: 65,536 available colors […]