What can you do when somebody gives you an Arduino as a present. “A What???”  What can you do with these little electronic devices?

Here are several applications, together with pictures showing what to connect with what, and the software instructions (sketches) to let the thingies work. You can make fantastic things, but here you will find some bare basics as well as several slightly more complicated devices that I constructed and which I am sort of proud of.

The creators of this microcontroller – and not to forget Lady Ada, deserve a Nobel Prize for ingenuity.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,
    I am very lucky, I try to mount a weather station and I stumble for a while on the good display routine of the TFT 3.5 and I stumble on your articles. Exactly what I was looking for and cherry on the cake your skits work. Youpi !!
    I use a bmp280 outdoors with 433mHz transmission. Internally I use a 1307
    like clock and a bme280 all driven by a Nano Pro mini. What I like is the use of Nano. It’s my favorite chip. I will try to draw a PCB for the management of the screen … for fun.
    Thank you again and I’ll get you updated on my adventures.
    Christian (71 years old – Lyon – France)


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