Simultaneous logging of solar power production and grid voltage on SD card with an Arduino

by Floris Wouterlood -- June 3, 2023 -- Summary -- Here we use components reported previously. Two events are being logged simultaneously: generated AC power from my solar panels and, in sync, AC grid voltage fluctuations. Data consists of pulses generated by my solar kWh production meter and output from a ZMPT101B AC voltage transformer... Continue Reading →

AC grid voltage measurement with a ZMPT101B sensor module and an ESP8266 microcontroller

by Floris Wouterlood -- May 1, 2023 -- Summary --Here we use the ZMPT101B AC voltage transformer module to determine and log the stability of the AC power inside the home. A cord connected to the AC side of the ZMPT101B is plugged into a wall outlet. The DC side of the module has an... Continue Reading →

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